Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Veiled Society and The Iron Ring

Today is the first look into my home campaign, which is set in Fangsfall. Although the campaign is set firmly in the Scarred Lands, it has not stopped me from importing elements from another of my favorite campaign settings, Mystara. In particular I have used a lot of elements from the kingdom of Karameikos, which shares a lot of elements with the Fangsfall Peninsula. Both are relatively new kingdoms with a ruler that has immigrated from some other part of the world. Both have a native population that has very different beliefs from the immigrant aristocracy. Finally, both are sparsely populated with lots of need of heroes and adventurers to make the wilderness safe.

The first thing I incorporated was the Veiled Society. This is an organized crime syndicate that operates in the capital city. Only individuals from Ledean families are eligible for membership. They are organized into cells, with each cell running the operations for a different neighborhood. The Veiled Society deals primarily with protection rackets, prostitution, and illegal gambling. Some of the cells also deal drugs and run murder for hire operations. Lately they have been tunneling under the city looking for something, but nobody knows just what. The Veiled Society is suspected to be allied with House Asuras, a well connected and well known merchant family. The truth is far more sinister as the Veiled Society is actually led by members of the Asuras family who hope to develop more direct control over the city than they do over Shelzar, Mithral, and other cities.

The Iron Ring is the other thing I incorporated. It is a slavery ring that operates on the Fangsfall Peninsula. They are allied with the goblinoids that live in Fang Quarry and often use them as muscle. However, it is no surprise to anyone that they also kidnap some of those goblinoids and sell them to other customers as well. Nor is it a surprise that the gang is run by a charduni, one of many who were left in the region after the Divine War. What would surprise most people is that the Iron Ring is not as independent as it seems. The group is secretly allied with the governments of Calistia and  Dunahnae, both because they all share a common religion and because those two nations provide great markets for their services.

Well, there you go. Two new organizations to add to you game and use to keep your friends guessing. Until next time, good luck and good gaming.

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