Monday, January 10, 2011

Drow, Drider, and The Scarred Lands

Okay, so we all know that drow do not exist in the Scarred Lands. Their niche was filled by the drendali. It is a logical conclusion to assume that if drow do not exist then drider do not exist either. After all drider are just mutated drow and therefore cannot exist without them. However, if they did exist in the Scarred Lands they would have a very interesting flavor. Although they are not canon; I can think of no reason why they could not be used. If they were; they would probably look something like this.

The drow are an offshoot of the dark elf race. After Nathalos fell and became imprisoned in his current construct form many of his followers became disillusioned. Perhaps he was not worthy of their devotion and as a result he should have been allowed to die, they reasoned. Deep in their hearts anger simmered and was directed at the followers of Chern, those who still worshiped Nathalos, and mostly at the dwarves. The anger grew and soon it caught the attention of one who promised to give them what they wanted, revenge.

This group of dark elves was soon visited by Sethris, the Spider Queen. She offered them the power to overcome their foes in exchange for their worship. Many agreed and turned his back fully on Nathalos and became the drow, a drendali word which means "outcast." To seal the pact, the drow offered their first born daughters to Sethris as an offering. The Spider Queen accepted this sacrifice and transformed the drow women into a half drow, half spider hybrid. These became known as drider, which means "blessed" or "chosen." Although they live separate from drow society, they are considered to be the chosen agents of Sethris and are often honored guests in her temples.

The drow are considered to be a myth by most people of Scarn. They are a boogieman used to scare small children into behaving. Even among the drendali many consider them to be just stories. The drow themselves prefer it this way, and many have managed to slip back into drendali society with the express goal of toppling it from within. Others raid dwarven outposts and seek alliances with some of the darker nations of Ghelspad. Even then, they present themselves as drendali when they need to and keep their true identities a secret. More than a few have become assassins. They hope to please their mistress by helping her seize the assassination portfolio from Belaemeth. Among drow, Sethris is often depicted as a giant drider or a voluptuous drow female. Unlike the drendali, worship of Sethris has led the drow to create a matriarchal society. Until next time; good luck and good gaming.

Greetings and Welcome

Greetings everyone. Welcome to my weekly (hopefully) blog dedicated to all things related to the Scarred Lands. Most of what I post here will be rules free so it can be used with any system that you might prefer. I will be posting a lot of thoughts and ideas about incorporating things into the Scarred Lands from other settings. I hope that you enjoy my efforts and maybe, just maybe, it will spark a Scarred Lands renaissance.